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In 1997 Axel Manrico Heilhecker and Harald Grosskopf  released their
common album as "Sunya Beat" .
It was produced by Axel in order to feature Haralds ability ,to create
 great dynamic sequences on ancient acoustic instruments and selfmade trash-drums .
 This became more and more enjoyable for the two musicians
and ended up in forming the band.
To be able to play complete concerts,
they got together with Steve Baltes,
 who was asked to work with them on a couple of tracks
 of  their next album "Delhi Slide".
This third electronic element completes the Sunya Beat sound.
Their gigs already became a legend ,
since they offer a unique remix-style of  archaic ethno and modern beats ,
Old School Elektronik , Prog-elements , 60's and 70's classic Rock-trio-sound ,
same as Jazz-styles of the early fusion phase , Dub , Ambient or 60's pop.
Their spacy attitude and excursions made them compared to a 2010 Pink Floyd .
Welcome to the Sunya Beat - Wall of  Space Sound !
The new album "Comin' Soon" is the audible document of these great concerts.
cover of Sunya Beat album titled "Sunya Beat " cover of Sunya Beat album titled "Delhi Slide" cover of Sunya Beat album titled "Comin' Soon"