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alter ego of the band Sunya Beat

Sunya Beat  are known as a Freestyle - Band .
So it's only consequent , that this anarchic and unrestricted trio 
released 2 albums , which are running
under their "pseudonyms" .
These are "4×3" , a strong Trance and Tekno influenced recording ,
and "The Jelenia Gora Sessions" , a live recording of
thr Ricochet Gathering in Poland .
These albums were released under the names
"Baltes ,Grosskopf and Heilhecker" and "Grosskopf ,Baltes and Heilhecker" .
the end of this series is not in sight ...
cover of 4mal3
cover of Grosskopf,Baltes and Heilhecker album titled "The Jelenia Gora Sessions"
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