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Axel Manrico Heilhecker
the passionate guitarplayer started up in Cologne and played since the 80's for major audiences.
Numerous wellknown German-Rock recordings as well as touring builded a platform for him as one of best known players of Germany and a composer .
As a teenager he had lessons from DON CHERRY, the legendary Jazz and Ethno musician, trumpet player, and father of EAGLE EYE and NENEH CHERRY, which inspired him since then, and gave him a universal understanding of music.
Workin' with german musicians like WOLF MAAHN, KLAUS LAGE or
HERBERT GRÖNEMEYER , and as well the later connection to the TV showband of HARALD SCHMIDT, where he met KING CRIMSON saxplayer MEL COLLINS and again long time fellow ROSKO GEE, member of CAN and TRAFFIC, and backed up numerous artists like BRIAN FERRY, ERIC BURDEN, OLETA ADAMS or GRACE JONES, made him noticable for the major german public.
But his personal roots  came strong in his projects and album releases within' a high output since the 90's, featuring both, his music as well as his facilities as a producer.
Besides productions of african and indian music, he produced some Experimental-Rock albums
and released a couple of albums and soudtracks with his Avantgarde-Folk band "PHONOROID",
based in the USA.
In this period he founded his instrumental appearence "FISHMOON" and met German-Rock
legend HARALD GROSSKOPF : the start of SUNYA BEAT. 
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