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Steve Baltes
as the youngster of the band Steve made up his musical yourney with electronic sounds of the 80's. He continously became one of the well acknoledged Tekno-mixers from Germany playing
big venues from San Francisko to L.A..
Workin' most of the time strictly dancefloor orientated, he could place a couple of remarkable
hits all over Europe, lately with DEEP VOICES.
Nevertheless he is a real Space-boy and very much attracted by handmade music and sound, and various musical styles from Rock to Jazz, which explains the big affinity to Harald's and Axel's abilities, and made him a great partner for Sunya Beat.
His pulsating sequences, Dub-mixing and spacey layers are a congenious part to guitar and drums, which was attractive enaugh for ASH RA to innvite him for a couple of concerts.
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