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Harald Grosskopf
started his musica career a bit earlier than Axel in the 70's.
His style of drumming became part of the sound of greman classic Prog-bands like ASHRA or
Connected to those musicians he played venues around the globe, released some famous albums, some under his name and direction, and became a benchmark of exceptional drumming within' old school elektronic music from Germany.
Another to memorize "Kraut"-band, he stayed with was WALLENSTEIN, the band of nowadays
cooking-guru JÜRGEN DOLASE .
His ability of creating archaic drum patterns combined with minimalistic structures of overtones, like known from Serial-music still made him important for new frontiers.
In the 90's he founded several projects with Steve in explicit Tekno-style, started building drums and Djembes out of the most unbelievable materials,
played with 17 HIPPIES and MARC RIBOT, PHONOROID and founded together with Axel :
Both free in use of any kind of music and sound are perfect playmates.
visit his homepage :

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